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Dec-08-2022 08:42

The Sensex and Nifty indices are looking to open flat on Thursday, tracking sombre global mood. On Wednesday, markets booked profits following the RBI's 35 bps rate hike and cautious commentary on sticky core inflation.

The Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly election results will be the key triggers for the equity markets today.

Exit polls have predicted a landslide win for the BJP in the 182-member Gujarat Assembly, while it remains a closely contested fight between the Congress and BJP in Himachal Pradesh.

That said, among stocks, Triveni Engineering will be in focus on reports that the promoter may sell its 7 per cent stake in the company via a block deal today.

On Wednesday, the 30-share benchmark index ended at 62410.68 down by -215.68 points or by -0.34 % and then NSE Nifty was at 18560.5 down by -82.25 points or by -0.44 %. On the global front, Overnight in the US, the S&P 500 closed lower for a 5th day, down 0.2 per cent. The Dow Jones ended flat and the Nasdaq shed 0.51 per cent.

Asian equities were also tepid this morning with Nikkei, and Kospi sliding 1 per cent each, while Hang Seng and Strait times rose up to 1 per cent.

Back home, Top traded Volumes on NSE Nifty – Tata Steel Ltd. 39494279.00, ICICI Bank Ltd. 15675663.00, Tata Motors Ltd. 12133315.00, ITC Ltd. 9813208.00, Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. 9731670.00,

On NSE, total number of shares traded was 31.99 Crore and total turnover stood at Rs. 49474.29 Crore. On NSE Future and Options, total number of contracts traded in index futures was 247457 with a total turnover of Rs. 24730.07 Crore. Along with this total number of contracts traded in stock futures were 654112 with a total turnover of Rs. 46404.29 Crore. Total numbers of contracts for index options were 146880224 with a total turnover of Rs. 14922758.10 Crore. and total numbers of contracts for stock options were 2587333 with a total turnover of Rs. 192432.00 Crore.

The FIIs on 07/12/2022 stood as net buyer in equity and debt. Gross equity purchased stood at Rs. 7088.27 Crore and gross debt purchased stood at Rs. 889.79 Crore, while the gross equity sold stood at Rs. 7345.28 Crore and gross debt sold stood at Rs. 444.37 Crore. Therefore, the net investment of equity and debt reported were Rs. -257.01 Crore and Rs. 445.42