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Mahi. & Mahi - Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Analyst / Investor Meet - Outcome

REF:NS:SEC dated 24th June, 2022 wherein we had given you an\r\nadvance intimation about the Company participating in a Non-Deal Road Show (NDR) with Several\r\nFunds/Investors in New York on 28th - 29th June, 2022 and our letter 28th June, 2022 wherein the\r\nadditional Presentation which was to be made during the NDR was submitted.\r\nWe wish to inform that the Company did a NDR with Several Funds/Investors in New York\r\nscheduled for 28th - 29th June, 2022 and the Presentation(s) which were sent to the Stock Exchanges\r\nvide letter bearing REF:NS:SEC dated 30th May, 2022 and vide letter bearing REF:NS:SEC dated 28th\r\nJune, 2022 were shared with them.\r\nThe aforesaid Presentation(s) are also available on the Website of the Company at the Weblinks:\r\n\r\nAnalyst-Meet-2022-Presentations-deck-30th-May-2022.pdf and\r\n\r\nNDR-June-28-29-2022.pdf.