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Company NameBSE CurrentBSE Change (%)BSE VolumeNSE CurrentNSE Change (%)NSE Volume
3i Infotech 40.60-0.619031340.80-0.12199396
7Seas Entertainment 18.20-2.935842------
AAA Technologies ------107.000.000
Jatalia Global Vent 3.460.001034------
ABM Knowledgeware 90.40-1.472400------
Inspirisys Solutions 56.40-0.7041855.00-3.51166
ACCEL L 18.904.1372180------
ACE Software E 15.25-4.69326------
ACI Infocom Ltd. 1.47-2.00128195------
Ceinsys Tech 147.802.32202------