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Company NameIssue TypeOffer PriceNSE Curr.Price()BSE Curr.Price()Issue OpenIssue Close
Adani Enterprises Ltd. FPO - Book Build...327617821793.927/01/202331/01/2023
Agarwal Float Glass India L... Public Issue 4230.5--10/02/202315/02/2023
Amanaya Ventures Ltd. Public Issue 23--15.0424/02/202328/02/2023
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifesci... Public Issue 7253.05--16/01/202319/01/2023
Bright Outdoor Media Ltd. Public Issue 146----14/03/202317/03/2023
Chaman Metallics Ltd. Public Issue 3842--04/01/202306/01/2023
Command Polymers Ltd. Public Issue 28----17/03/202321/03/2023
Dev Labtech Venture Ltd. Public Issue 51----17/03/202321/03/2023
Dharni Capital Services Ltd. Public Issue 20--21.218/01/202320/01/2023
Divgi Torqtransfer Systems ... Public Cum Offer...590628630.201/03/202303/03/2023
Ducol Organics & Colours Lt... Public Issue 78107.95--09/01/202311/01/2023
Earthstahl & Alloys Ltd. Public Issue 40--41.5527/01/202331/01/2023
Eastern Logica Infoway Ltd. Public Cum Offer...225--221.405/01/202309/01/2023
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemica... Public Issue 3036.05--25/01/202330/01/2023
Global Surfaces Ltd. Public Cum Offer...140----13/03/202315/03/2023
Indong Tea Company Ltd. Public Issue 26--13.6109/02/202313/02/2023
ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd. Public Issue 51--39.2528/02/202302/03/2023
Labelkraft Technologies Ltd. Public Issue 55----13/10/202315/10/2023
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Pro... Public Issue 2532.65--09/02/202313/02/2023
Macfos Ltd. Public Issue 102--147.517/01/202321/01/2023