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Book Closures

You can view the book closure details of companies with their date and purpose.

Company NameFrom DateTo DatePurpose
KSE 21/08/202227/08/2022Final Dividend
Chambal Fertilis 23/08/202224/08/2022Final Dividend
Kitex Garments 23/08/202229/08/2022Final Dividend
Oriental Carbon 23/08/202226/08/2022Final Dividend
Tips Industries 23/08/202229/08/2022Final Dividend
Tribhovandas Bhimji 23/08/202229/08/2022Final Dividend
Finolex Industries 24/08/202230/08/2022Final Dividend
Finolex Industries 24/08/202230/08/2022Special Dividend
Naga Dhunseri Group 24/08/202230/08/2022Final Dividend
Sterlite Technologie 24/08/202226/08/2022Final Dividend